Panasonic Gh4

Apr 122013
The World's Best $1,000 Video DSLR* - The Pocket Cinema

*Well, its not actually a DSLR. But everyone wants a DSLR, so just pretend that this is a DSLR. At first, I was like who the heck needs a camera that shoots RAW video? Most of the amateurs that buy DSLRs for video upload all their projects to YouTube or Vimeo which results in the same yucky end result: overly compressed footage (keep shooting on your high bit rate hacked settings and uploading to YouTube brah). So, when I heard that Black Magic was coming out with a camera that can shoot RAW video for $1,000 I was like “big ^%$#@ing deal”. Then I went to the Black Magic website, read the specs, and was like “Holy shit this is a big %$#^@ing deal!!”. Basically, if we focus strictly on the specs relating to image quality your GH3, 7D, 5D, etc… are all turds compared to the Black Magic Pocket […]

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