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Jan 272013
Total Recall


My Notes:

The original is easily one of my favorite action sci-fi films. Too many lens flares in this one. Lots of funky camera work in the beginning, thankfully it’s mostly only in the beginning. They use dolly shots, a good amount of stabilized hand held shots, zoom, and slow motion. It’s just way too much style for my taste.

Tons of special effects/environments that look like crap. Some of it looks good. Slight Minority Report rip off (with the landing/flying on top of futuristic car thingy). Starting from the recall scene, it is pure, monotonous action for a good 30 minutes. There a a few other 20 minute action sequences later on in the film.

If you don’t want to watch this movie let me summarize it for you: imagine you watched Star Wars, The Bourne Identity, Minority Report, a cheap Blade Runner knockoff, the original Total Recall, and IRobot all in one movie. It really is that awful/amazing depending on how appealing this smorgasbord sounds to you. I prefer In Bruges. The zero gravity shoot out was pretty neat though.

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