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Apr 012014
Audio Technica ATR 3350 Lavalier Review: Underrated?

I have used (I own) several cheap lavaliers: Audio Technica ATR 3350 Sony ECM-CS3 Olympus ME52W Zalman Zm-Mic1 My Audio Technica 3350 First Impressions The Audio Technica ATR 3350 is the most popular lavalier under $50. It comes with 20 feet of wire! Maybe that’s why it costs more than the Sony ECM-CS3 and Olympus ME52W? The microphone is smaller than my other lavs, the clip is small and black. It is a nice sized microphone if you need to hide it. When you open the package and look at the mic, you will notice that there is nothing interesting about the ATR-3350. It is small, has no special features, is drowned in cable, has a rather large compartment for a battery, and that’s it. You get a foam wind cover. The clips does not allow for any adjusting. Pointing the mic perfectly at your subject could be troublesome. Audio [...]

Mar 302014
Olympus ME52W Lavalier Review: Is it Overrated?

I have used (I own) several cheap lavaliers: Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Sony ECM-CS3 Olympus ME52W Zalman Zm-Mic1 First Impressions of the Olympus ME52W The ME52W  it is minimalist and sturdy. Even though it’s cheap and made in China (I assume) it feels like it will not break as easily as my other cheap lavaliers. I flat out love the feel of this thing. The cable length is a bit short and that the silver microphone clip is big and draws a lot of attention. The short cable length is not a big deal for me because I plan to use the ME52 with a digital recorder that will be in my pocket. The ugly silver mic clip is not a big deal either because I will be using this mic setup for personal use. If I was using it for a wedding or corporate work I would prefer a black colored [...]

Mar 232014
$275 GoPro and iPhone Stabilization Device

A sexy looking stabilizer is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo called the LUUV (pronounced “loove”). At first I thought $250 + shipping was a bit much, but after watching this thing in action, learning about its features and seeing how well it is engineered, I think ~$300 is a fair price for early birds. The retail will be $350 once the early bird specials are sold out. $350, plus shipping is…. a lot. If you are shooting action with a tiny little GoPro or smartphone, you will experience more camera shake than if you were shooting non-action with a DSLR. You can stabilize your footage in post, but at the cost of resolution. Some day there will be a GoPro with image stabilization. For now, you are stuck with gimbal stabilizers and software. I want one. It’s so damn pretty. But I don’t have a GoPro! And I don’t use my [...]

Mar 212014
 Samyang 10mm f/2.8 ED Announced

No reviews or test charts of the Samyang 10mm, so this is just your typical bullshit article  (I got nothing else to write about). The lens looks pretty and is shipping late March. Samyang has a cult following. They make lenses branded as Rokinon, Bower, Pro Optic, and Bell & Howell. I am sure I am forgetting a brand but whatever. If you get any of the above lens flavors, it’s the same lens with a different name. I’d say the most popular lens Samyang makes right now is the 14mm f2.8. It is very sharp (if you get a good copy, it is about the sharpest lens at 14mm you will find!) and relatively cheap (sub $300). Samyang is a great brand if you don’t need auto focus or don’t mind poor quality control. If you shoot stills, getting a Samyang lens could be a bit extreme because for [...]

Mar 202014
Free Sound Effects and Music Websites I Use

The great thing about audio is that it takes your video and makes it totally amazing. If you want to add production value to your video, you need to make sure the audio is excellent. Read my in depth article about recording good audio. Recording good audio can be a bit expensive. You need an audio recorder, a microphone (most digital recorders come with poor mics) and headphones for monitoring. A small setup can run you a couple hundred dollars! Luckily a ton of people have done the work for you by recording sounds, and sharing them for free. Before we get started, you should know that you can install plugins/apps/extensions/whatever you call them on your web browser that allow you to download audio and video files that you access on websites. The particular plugins I use on Firefox are NetVidoHunter and FlashGot. Between these to plugins I can download [...]

Mar 162014
Sony PCM M10 Review: Why I Chose it Over The Zoom H4n

This is the recorder I chose to buy over the Zoom H4n. Why I Chose the Sony PCM M10 Over the Zoom H4N If you go to any audio forum such as taperssection or gearslutz or to most audio websites that focus on recording quality you will get a consensus opinion that the PCM M10 is better than the Zoom H4N if all you care about is recording clean audio. In the $200ish price range, the Sony PCM M10 and Olympus LS-11 are considered the best values for pure audio. The Zoom H4N has a lot of tricks in the bag many of which I did not need: multitrack recording, phantom power, xlr, etc… I am a one man show and the thought have having multiple XLR cables wired into a recorder, or to be recording and monitoring multiple sources of audio simultaneously while still focusing on my DSLR is [...]

Mar 132014
Calumet Photo Bankrupt: Closes Website, Lays Off Workers

The website is down, people were laid off with no warning, and the management of the whole situation was poor. They seriously couldn’t afford to pay the hosting for a week or so to let everyone know what’s going on? I’m glad I do all my DSLR related shopping at B&H, Adorama, Amazon and Ebay… It sucks for the employees, particularly. Calumet never really branded its self well on the internet in my opinion. I have purchased tons of gear online, and never once did I buy from Calumet. Same story with my brother (he buys even more gear than I!).  It sucks that Calumet is out of business… less competition means Amazon, B&H, and Adorama have one less retailer to keep up with.

Mar 132014
Rode Film Competion: Win $70,000+ Worth of Film Gear

The contest is called “My RODE Reel” and I think you can technically you can win $70,000 worth of prizes if you win every single category. Rode has confirmed on their Facebook page that you can submit multiple entries. The competitions has already begun, and it lasts until May 31st, 2014. If you submit your film before April 1st, you get a free t-shirt as well as PluralEyes 3 (software that is very useful for syncing audio and video, worth about $200). In fact, the first 1,000 submissions get a free t-shirt. The prizes are split across 3 grand prize categories and 6 smaller categories. The smaller prize categories consist of Best Sound Design, Best Soundtrack, Best Cinematography, Best Documentary, Best Non-English Film, and Best Location. The winners of these categories receive a Rode NTG3, Blimp, Boompole and Event 20/20 monitors. The Grand Prizes are awarded to four categories: Judges’ [...]

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