Panasonic Gh4

Nov 232014
Panasonic GH4 Pre Black Friday Sale: $200 off

The sexy, sleek, 4K capable, mirrorless, amazing, and now cheap! Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4 is available at Amazon and B&H for a great price: $1,397. Maybe it’s feeling a little heat from the Sony A7s? Anyway, I would be surprised if the Black Friday price is lower than this. $1,400 is a great deal on the body considering I have never seen the price go below $1,700 from a authorized seller. Hell, these go used on Ebay for $1400+. If you are shooting video, nothing will come close to the GH4 for under $2,000. It smokes the 70D and the 6D and the 7DmkII. Only the Sony A7s and BlackMagic cameras compete with the GH4. Anyway, sorry for the incessant ads, but it is the holiday season…

Nov 232014
Tascam DR-60D On Sale for $130.00

  This is a smoking deal, that will not be matched. B&H Photo is selling the Tascam DR-60D for a ridiculous price of $130. The deal will expire in less than 18 ohurs, so I would buy one. You can sell them used on Ebay for $150. So even if you hate this unit, you can sell it and not lose money. This baby was selling for $350 one and a half years ago. I actually bought one just now. Click here to check it out. Or check out the new Tascam DR-60DmkII selling for $200 on Amazon.

Nov 192014
2014 Canon Black Friday Predictions

The currently Canon rebates are set to expire on November 22 (which is before Black Friday) which means Canon will likely replace those discounts with new disocunts or similar refurbished deals. Here is what Canon has offered over the years: Black Friday 2011: Canon offered lens rebates ranging from $20-$200. Black Friday 2012: Canon refurbished lens sale: 20% off all lenses and up to %30 off DSLRs. Black Friday 2013: Canon refurbished lens sale: 15% off all lenses and up to 25% off DSLRs. Basically, you don’t usually see big discounts on new lenses. I predict that the lens prices we are accustom to seeing are the same prices we will see on Black Friday and Christmas. So the 40mm STM will probably go for $150, and the 135mm f/2 will go between $900 and $1,000. If you are looking for Black Friday deals on lenses, I suggest buying refurbished […]

Nov 142014
Canon 24mm STM F/2.8 Release Date: November 14th.

The brand new 24mm STM is now shipping for a reasonable $150. The Canon 40mm STM was a huge success. Despite being priced almost 2x as much as the crowd favorite 50mm 1.8 it is highly recommended over the Nifty Fifty. Sharper, better bokeh, and better build quality. There are no doubts that the Canon 24mm STM will be just as great.  It is supposed to be sharper than the 40mm STM. The price, in my opinion, is remarkable; at $150 it might be the best bang for your buck Canon has to offer. I’ll be getting my hands on the 24mm STM shortly. Adorama, B and H Photo, and Canon are all shipping orders, with Amazon due to ship on November 24th.

Nov 102014
Black Friday 2014 DSLR and GoPro Deals

As the deals keep coming in I will post them. Target posted the 2014 Black friday ad, and they will have deals on GoPros, Canon DSLR bundles and Nikon DSLR bundles.  Target will be open and ready for business at 6PM on Thanksgiving. The GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition and GoPro Hero3 White Edition are doorbuster deals, meaning you have to buy them quick before they go out of stock. GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition + a $50 gift card for $250 GoPro Hero3 White Edition + a $50 gift card for $199 Definitely get the Hero3+, it’s a much better deal. Normally it sells for $300, so you are getting $50 off, plus another $50 worth via the gift card. If you have a REDcard, that’s another 5% off on top bringing your purchase price down to $237.50. The GoPro Hero3 White Edition is not a great deal because it normally […]

Oct 302014
2014 Black Friday DSLR Deals: What to Expect

Last year, the deals were not so hot. Here is my 2013 Black Friday post discussing all the best camera deals I found. Yeah, so… last year was… yuk. And it seems like the deals get worse and worse each year. Here is my advice for  Black Friday 2014: expect the deals to suck.  If you go in with this mindset, you  won’t be disappointed. Anyway, here are some tips: Know Which Stores May Have Potential Black Friday Deals Well, any store that sells electronics has the potential to have Black Friday deals on DSLRs. Here are the top vendors (listed by my personal preference) that I would be looking at: B&H, Rakuten, BarrowLenses, Adorama, Ebay, Amazon, Fry’s, Walmart,, Target. If this group of stores does not have the deals you are looking for, then most likely whatever deals you are looking for do not exist. B&H (no tax […]

Aug 102014

Yes and no. Canon DSLRs are like your dad’s old suits. They are… “special”, a bit out of fashion, but still fit and get the job done. Wait. That’s an awful comparison. When I wear my Dad’s suits, I feel like an idiot. They are circa 1970 and about 3 sizes too big. A better example: My brother’s 15 years old Mercedes Benz; dated, but still has the aura of a car that was once considered premier. It’s crazy to think that Canon was the king of DSLR video a few years ago. If you were shooting on a DSLR, you were doing it on a T2i, 5DmkII, 7D, or 60D. Even when the 5DmkIII came out people flocked to it. I personally never upgraded my 60D because the 7D, 6D, 5Dmk2 and 5Dmk3 cost a lot for the incremental gain in performance. It seems like between the Canon T2i, […]

Jul 172014
BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Not Worth it for $500

Disclaimer: if you know what you are getting into, and you understand the shortcomings of the BMPCC, then it is a great camera. But if you think that using this camera is headache free, read on: I present to you the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC): a poor lcd screen, awful battery life, the worst in camera mic I have ever heard, bad moire (rolling shutter), aliasing, poor low light performance, and a clunky menu system. Oh, and great video quality.. This was supposed to be an amazing camera, but it is not a fun body to work with. I know, “$500 dollars” you say. It certainly is a better deal than it was a week ago.  But please don’t buy it if the BMPCC will be your first camera. I’d only recommend buying it as a backup to your main body. It does produce amazing picture quality in well […]

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