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Apr 102014

Letus AnamorphX 1.8x ($????): Man this thing looks like it will surely be expensive. I’m guessing just a tad above $2,000. But maybe we will get lucky and will go for the same price as the original Letus AnamorphX ($1700). Either way I am happy that more anamorphic are being produced. Considering this is great glass with tons of features and an aesthetically nice looking picture, I don’t mind the high price.

Not much new stuff to report, so check out this awesome discussion about 4K featuring some of my favorite people (Vincent LaForet and Philip Bloom):

What Did Canon Announce for NAB 2014?

Nothing really. The announced some very expensive lenses a week ago though. The Cine-Servo CN7x17 KAS S and HJ18ex7.6B will run you $30,000 if I recall correctly so I can’t say I’m very interested. But hopefully we will see some new consumer lenses from Canon by the end of 2014, as well as maybe a new DSLR (7D mkII???) and who knows… maybe Canon will announce that they plan to get into the 4K DSLR game?

Best of NAB 2014

There was a lot of cool stuff. Attendance was over 100,000 people. And it’s always sad to see the show come to an end because if you are into DSLR gear and technology NAB is the Super Bowl of broadcasting technology. The coolest stuff consisted of:

  • BlackMagic coming out with a full fledged professional camera system that features a 10 inc LCD.
  • The Letus 3 axis gimbals (I loved the GoPro gimbal as well)
  • A couple new Atomos video capture devices, bringing ProRes 4:2:2 to the masses with the $300 Ninja Star

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