Panasonic Gh4

Apr 092014

All the big stuff has been announced on Day 1, but here are some things that you may have missed:

Panasonic GH4 ($1700): This little camera looks like a DSLR (MFT), shoots 4K, and has won Videomaker’s Best of NAB 2014 award. What does this award mean? Nothing. I just wanted to pimp the GH4 a bit more because it is the most amazing thing you can buy (preorder) for $1700.

Manfrotto KLYP ($112): This is a small case/rig/thing with an LED panel that attaches to your iPhone 5. So basically you can look like a total jackass when you whip out your phone and it has an LED light panel attached to it. At least your selfies will look pro!

Sound Devices 970 64‑Track Dante And MADI Audio Recorder ($4,495): The price of this 64 track audio recorder seems insanely reasonable. First of all, you are professional gear (Sound Devices is used in Hollywood films and in recordings studios by Pop stars, etc…). Secondly, you get 64 tracks. Not bad considering a small SD field recorder can ran you $1,000+.

Zacuto Gratical LT OLED EVF and Zacuto Gratical HD OLED EVF ($????): Both are electronic OLED viewfinders. They have a range of built in diopters from -1 to +4 ensuring that you see the image sharply. I must say, having one of these things would be awesome because they come with all the sexy stuff needed for feeling like a pro; waveform, vectorscope, histogram, etc… Unfortunately Zacuto charges a lot for its high quality gear (I’m not complaining, it’s just out of my price range). The LT model sports 3.3M dots (1024×768), while the HD model ups the resolution to 1280×1024 (5.5M dots). Best viewfinders for indie shooters? I think yes. I’m guessing maybe $899 for the LT and $1099 for the HD model.

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