Panasonic Gh4

Apr 082014

Not much to announce so I’ll just post additional stuff from Day 1

Small HD DP7 Pro Series ($1,400+): Small HD produces very popular field monitors. The DP4 is a crowd favorite. The DP7 Pro basically allows you to color grade your shot in the field using your monitor. Cool.. but is color grading in the field really a necessary feature?

Adobe Light Room Mobile ($??): If grading footage on your field monitor was not enough, now you can edit photos in Light Room on your phone or tablet. Woohoo! Who does professional editing on a tablet?

Letus GoPro Stabilizer ($???): This might be one of the coolest things I have seen from NAB thus far. From the looks of it I would much rather buy a Letus GoPro gimbal than the Luuv.

DaVinci Resolve 11 ($1000): I don’t use Resolve (I’m not a f$%ing pro, so I don’t need pro gear or software! Read strait from the horses mouth: Official Details

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