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Apr 242014


I’m all about Magic Lantern. The coders of Magic Lantern have created lots of opportunities for Canon video shooters. You can shoot RAW on a tiny little T2i for crying out loud! Now there is more good news; MLV files will be supported by FFmpeg. What is so awesome about MLV being supported by FFmpeg? Lets find out.

FFmpeg is best described as an open source project that can be used by programmers to create media related software. Maybe the most famous FFmpeg software you have heard of is VLC Media Player. You can see a list of programs that use FFmpeg here. Now all the programs that use FFmpeg can incorporate MLV support into their software. MLV files are basically the “uncompressed RAW” video files you can get out of your DSLR when you shoot in RAW mode. How cool would it be to play MLV files in VLC Media Player?

This is great news for the Magic Lantern community. It means lots of video based programs will have MLV support resulting in more excitement about Magic Lantern as well as a push towards RAW video. Right now there is a 4K craze going on. I hope that in a few years we will be watching 4K footage that is RAW on our TVs and computers. Not just 4K over-compressed 8 bit footage… To learn more about Magic Lantern and FFmpeg check out Magic Lantern’s official forum.

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