Panasonic Gh4

Mar 232014

LUUV Stabilizer

A sexy looking stabilizer is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo called the LUUV (pronounced “loove”). At first I thought $250 + shipping was a bit much, but after watching this thing in action, learning about its features and seeing how well it is engineered, I think ~$300 is a fair price for early birds. The retail will be $350 once the early bird specials are sold out. $350, plus shipping is…. a lot.

If you are shooting action with a tiny little GoPro or smartphone, you will experience more camera shake than if you were shooting non-action with a DSLR. You can stabilize your footage in post, but at the cost of resolution. Some day there will be a GoPro with image stabilization. For now, you are stuck with gimbal stabilizers and software. I want one. It’s so damn pretty. But I don’t have a GoPro! And I don’t use my phone for videos 😛

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