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Dec 182013

Indy Mogul
Apr 16, 2007 – Dec 16, 2013

If you don’t know what IndyMogul is, it is was the most popular DIY Filmmaking channel on Youtube. It still exists, so using past tense to describe it may be inappropriate, but the gist of the situation is that new content will no longer be produced. I am truly an OG of IndyMogul. I must have discovered the channel when it was three or four episodes deep. So every week I would tune in to watch. The show really matured over the past year as it went from DIY prop building to more DIY filmmaking. What really made the show rock was the enthusiasm and hard work of Griffin Hammond. Griffin is so clever and optimistically motivated that he is a great role-model for anyone who is interested in making their ideas become reality. So the loss of new content from Indy Mogul (particularly from Griffin and Russel) really sucks.

The Top 10 DIY Filmmaking Channels on Youtube

1. Film Riot

I think Film Riot captures the spirit of what Indy Mogul was about. Ryan Connolly is a more cinematic filmmaker than anyone on Indy Mogul ever was. The guys on Film Riot cater to a crowd that is focused lesson on prop building and more on filmmaking. It is my favorite channel on YouTube (Indy Mogul was a close second).

2. Dave Dugdale (LearningDSLRVideo, drumat5280)

Okay, calling Dave Dugdale’s channel a DIY channel is a bit of a stretch, but I just have to give him mad props because he is so awesome. If you shoot video on a DSLR, Dave will teach you a ton of stuff (while simultaneously explaining that he is not a expert on the matter). He focuses more on gear performance, DSRL tests, lens tests, and post production. It’s arguably the most useful channel on Youtube if you want to increase your knowledge about gear, software, workflow, and random DSLR stuff. I’m also an OG when it comes to Dave Dugdale. I literally was one of  his 1st subscribers on Vimeo. I’m awesome aren’t I…

3. Knoptop (Dave)

While FilmRiot captures the spirit of the “new school” Indy Mogul, Knoptop captures the spirit of the “old school” prop building. In my opinion Knoptop is the best true DIY channel out there right now because his builds are highly unique and include props as well as gear. I only wish he made videos more often. Once again, I was a bit of an OG when it comes to Knoptop, I Must have discovered him via the Indy Mogul channel or something. Anyway, I remember back when he had about ~700 subscribers. Now he is up all the way to 30,000+. Basically he is very clever and crafty with his DIY builds, and has an awesome personality.

4. Tom Antos (Polcan 99)

I don’t know how to classify Tom’s channel. Basically, he does everything. And he is highly intelligent and methodical. When you watch his videos you can instantly tell that he is an experienced professional. He is very similar to Film Riot in that he discusses production, directing, DIY builds, and everything else that goes into filmmaking.

5. The Frugal Filmmaker

Scott has an awesome channel dedicated to frugal filmmaking. Basically he goes out and buys/hacks/builds stuff with a micro budget. This is truly a wonderful channel if you want to see what you can get away with for very little money. I feel like I am cheating when I watch his videos; the stuff he achieves on his tiny budgets seems like it should cost much more.

6. Curtis Judd

Curtis produces very similar content to Dave Dugdale. He produces videos regularly and they focus on audio and lighting. If you enjoy Dave Dugdale’s videos you wil enjoy Curtis.

7.  Krotoflik

Chad, like Dave Knoptop, focuses on DIY builds. His builds are very well thought out and very budget oriented. Chad does not feature as many props as Dave, focusing more on DIY stabilization gear. He is most famous for his DIY Jib known as the KrotoCrane.

8. DSLR Film Noob (Onelonedork)

DeeJay is a very cool guy. His specialty is hacking and gear reviews with budget in mind. He will teach you how to increase your production value for very little cost. His channel discusses very little on actual film making, focusing mostly on hardware/gear talk.

9. Video Copilot (Andrew Kramer)

Video Copilot is the best gateway there is into post production special effects. Andrew is a true professional who has worked on many projects for Hollywood, and the fact that he takes time to create these special effects video tutorials is awesome. So while this does not really qualify as DIY channel, I figure it should be included because it is the most accessible free channel for post production special effects tutorials. Check out Andrew’s site, its has much more content than his YouTube channel.

10. BrandonJLa (freddiew2)

This is the behind the scenes content for Brandon and Freddie’s main channel: FreddieW. Though recently Brandon has tried to make this channel more useful for filmmakers by providing tutorials on 3DsMax. If you enjoy Video Copilot, you might want to take your special effects to the next level by watching Brandon’s 3DsMax videos. Anyway, if you are not into creating 3D objects,  this channel is more for entrainment than learning.

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