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Jan 132015

Torrents and 4K video in the title? I know, it is a cheap tactic to get people to read this, but bear with me. How much  is a 1080p Blu-ray rip now a days? 1.5-3 gigs? Maybe 3-4 gigs if it is not compressed as much or if the movie has a long running time? Well imagine 4K content becomes widely available, those 3 gig torrents would balloon up to 8-20GB. Compressing the files to allow for lower file size would result in a sever drop in video quality, defeating the purpose of 4K. Downloading 20GB movies? No thanks. I don’t think the casual web pirates would want to deal with the trouble of downloading a 20GB movie and then trying to play it on their PC (need a good machine to play high bitrate video).

If You Buy a 4K Panel, Does Your PC Need to be 4k Ready?

No! Many people run dual or three monitor setups. Right now I am running two 1920×1080 screens. My PC could easily handle one or two more screens. Having 4K resolution is great for multitasking. As I write this article, I have a basketball game running, and two big-ass web browser windows open. Yet, despite my 3840×1080 resolution I can only play 1080p content. My PC is pretty old, and 1080p content is the fringe of what I can run smoothly. My next PC build will be 4K compatible. But that’s because I want to be able to edit 4K video. A casual PC user? I’m not sure they will have a machine capable of playing 20gb movie torrents.

4K Players, 4K Blu-ray Players, etc…

With giant file sizes, I think it is more practical to bite the bullet and get 4K players. Panasonic’s player unveiled at CES 2015 can play video at a rate of 100Mbps on discs that hold 100GB of data. Building a PC that can smoothly play 100Mbps and then downloading video content with low compression rates online would be a headache. If you get a nice 4K panel and sit close enough to it where you can resolve the pixels, you would defiantly notice compression artifacts. Hell, even sitting far away I notice compression artifacts. Getting a legit 4K player would definitely allow you to enjoy 4K content seamlessly and at a high quality rate.

4K is Cheap

A 4K  panel will only run you a thousand or two. For a cutting edge technology that is pretty cheap. In fact that price of 4K TVs is not that much higher than 1080p TVs. A native 4K media player will run you $500+, while true 4K Blu-ray player will run you….???? I have no clue! up till recently, there was no such thing as a native 4k Blu-ray player. I’d guess it the Samsung 4K Blu-ray player will cost about $1,000. So for 2,000-3,000 you can play 4K video on a TV. That is really not super expensive. And remember, you can buy a cheaper BD player and upscale content to 4K. Building a PC that can stream/play 4K? That should run you less than $1,000 (without a panel). Cheap!

Is Hollywood Recording in 4K or 2k?

Most Hollywood cameras can shoot 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K, even 8K. One exception to this are films shot on Arri Alexa cameras. Up until recently Alexas were limited to about 2.5K. Recently Alexa has moved forward, releasing firmware updates that allow their cameras to shoot ~3.5K and introducing new cameras that can shoot 6.5K. So yes, most Hollywood films are being shot above 2K.

  2 Responses to “Movie Torrents: Why Hollywood Wants 4K Video”

  1. The whole article is bullshit. Sorry but 4K panel for 1000$ can’t play smoothly anything. In the store you see perfectly prepaired footage for best performance. In real life those panels just sucks. 4K is of course expensive good monitor 4K is about 3000-4000$. The idea about torrents is – hmm – cute. If BR of 50gb is being converted into 500mb – 2gb files why do you think the 100gb file will have 20gb?

    • All the torrents I see online for 4K are around 8-20 gigs. 90 minutes comedies can be on the low side, but say a 3 hour Peter Jackson movie – that will be closer to 20 gigs than 5 gigs. But maybe I am not looking at the right torrent sites (I looked at kickasstorrents). And for a 4K panel to play smooth its not the panel; you need a good PC. Many people who bought a Panasonic GH4 edit on $500 4K panels.

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