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Jan 212014

Before you even start reading this article, please click on this link and download Hitfilm 2 Express for free. It’s free until February 4th!

Hifilm 2 is advertised as having a $150 MSRP. Is it worth $150? No!! If February 4th comes around and you missed out on this deal, you can go on Amazon and purchase Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2 for $99.

Sony’s Movie Studio Platinum Suite for PC and Mac includes:
  • Movie Studio Platinum 12
  • DVD Architect Studio 5
  • HitFilm 2 Express

So you get 3 pieces of software for less than Hitfilm 2’s advertised MSRP of $150. Would I recommend paying $99 for the suite? No. If you want to do visual effects, you should use After Effects. After Effects is fairly simple to learn, and has a giant community that will help you create awesome 2D and even 3D effects. It is the perfect software for starting out with in visual effects. However, if you cannot afford to pay for software, then the current deal for HitFilm 2 Express is hard to beat.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has moved to a subscription based service. You do not own their software anymore, instead you rent it on a per month or per year basis. If you are used to pirating software, then this obviously sucks for you. Also if you do not have an internet connection this will suck for you. But if you have internet and pay for software legally, Creative Cloud is pretty awesome:

  • Software bugs are fixed much faster
  • More frequent updates
  • If you don’t use the software often, you can subscribe for a month or two and only pay a fraction of a normal purchase price

If you are a student or teacher who is affiliated with an institution that is partnered with Adobe, then you can get Creative Cloud Suit for as low as $16.67 a month. Can you imagine owning Photoshop, Light Room, Speed Grade, After Effects and Premier for only $16.67 a month? Not bad if you are a student or teacher.

If you are not a student or teach at an affiliated institution, you will have to pay a bit more. But you can always opt for individual plans (you only get to rent one piece of software, not the entire suite). So you can get away with paying $20 a month for subscribing to After Effects (or any other single app of your choice).

Is paying $240 a year for After Effects a better value than paying $100 for HitFilm 2 Express? Yes, for an extra $140 a year you will be able to create professional effects. If you are a student or a teacher using Adobe Creative Cloud is a no brainier. If you don’t qualify for the student or teacher discount, and you are tight on money see if you can buy an older version of Adobe software (such as Adobe CS5.5 or CS6) so that you will have professional grade software that will last you many years. (Adobe CS5.5 and CS6 are not subscription¬† based). And keep in mind, you can get a free 30 day trial of Creative Cloud. That is an awesome deal.

Reasons To Download HitFilm 2 Express For Free:

  • Its free, so you don’t need a reason
  • You don’t have much money to spend on After Effects
  • You have never done any serious video editing
  • You are a beginner and want to learn how to edit video
  • You need basic special effects and so After Effects is overkill

Click on this link and download Hitfilm 2 Express!!

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