Panasonic Gh4

Nov 232014


The sexy, sleek, 4K capable, mirrorless, amazing, and now cheap! Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4 is available at Amazon and B&H for a great price: $1,397. Maybe it’s feeling a little heat from the Sony A7s? Anyway, I would be surprised if the Black Friday price is lower than this. $1,400 is a great deal on the body considering I have never seen the price go below $1,700 from a authorized seller. Hell, these go used on Ebay for $1400+.

If you are shooting video, nothing will come close to the GH4 for under $2,000. It smokes the 70D and the 6D and the 7DmkII. Only the Sony A7s and BlackMagic cameras compete with the GH4.

Anyway, sorry for the incessant ads, but it is the holiday season…

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