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Jan 112015

The New Panasonic 4K Blu-ray Player and Cameras

Panasonic showed off a 4K Blu-ray player. Its the first native 4K player in the world I think?

Panasonic introduces three new camcorders: HC-WX970 (4K video and HDR), HC-VX870 (4K video and HDR), HC-V770 (only HDR, no 4K). The cost for the WX970 is only $1,000. The VX870 is only $900. So, pretty much the days of good 4K video for under $1,000 are no longer a dream. But… its a video camera; the ergonomics are worse than on a DSLR (in my opinion!).  No clue if these cameras can shoot HDR mode and 4K simultaneously. If they can, that is awesome because you get nice dynamic range and great resolution.

Sony 4K Cameras: FDR-X1000V action cam, FDR-AX33

Sony has a new $500 action cam: the FDR-X1000V. It shoots 4K as well as high frame rate video. GoPro, you nervous? Sony makes amazing camera sensors; better than Canon or Nikon. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FDR-X1000V shoots better quality video than the GoPro Hero4. Sony also unveiled a cheaper action cam that only shoot 1080p: the Sony AS200V.

Sony also has a new camera which shoots 4K: the Sony FDR-AX33. It is similar(ish) to the previously mentioned Panasonic cameras.

Canon and Nikon at CES 2015

Canon released a bunch of overpriced PowerShots that nobody cares about. Woohoo, way to go Canon… Nikon is releasing a new DSLR: the Nikon D5500 DSLR! It is ~24MP and can shoot 1080p at 60p. Seems overpriced for $900.

HP Curved 4K Screens

HP is releasing curved monitors. Curved makes sense for desktops. Not sure I am sold on curved TVs just yet (never seen one in person). Their 34 inch model, the Envy 34c ($999), sports a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440. Basically its like having two monitors side by side, except you pay 2x the cost. The 27 inch version is called the Pavilion 27c ($400) and is 1080p. A bit over priced considering 1080p @ 27 inches will result in fairly large pixels.

HP’s 4K monitors are better deals than their proposed curved screens; at 27 inches the Z27s ($750) is a fair deal, and at 24 inches the Z24s ($550) is meh. They also have a 27 inch 5K screen: Z27q (1,300). Paying 1.7x the price to jump up from 4K to 5K? I don’t think it makes sense. Why not just sport two 4K panels side by side for 2x the price?

Netflix HDR Streaming

Netflix is going to introduce HDR video. HDR stands for high dynamic range. Basically the dynamic range of cameras is usually not as good as the dynamic range of our human eyesight. What HDR does is show  color detail in dark areas as well as color detail in light areas of an image. This allows you to see a wider range of color detail throughout the picture. To benefit from this you will need to make sure you have an HDR compatible TV.

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